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Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy One Year Anniversary!!

So it was our one year today..but 6 and a half in total. Seems like yesterday we were planning the wedding. Time goes by so fast! Its been a couple months since I have blogged been busy I guess... or lazy! haha!!

Karter had his 4th birthday party at the end of May. It was a transformers party. We had 30 people at our house. Eighteen of them were children. It was an amazing day and he was soo happy!!!

The last couple months have been good. Karter took soccor in May. He did not like it at all! Would not get invloved with the children or team. So I think were going to try baseball next year. Hes got an awesome throw! I signed Karter up for preschool in April for this September. He'll be going Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 12:15 to 2:45. Hes looking forward to it. When I took him there to sign him up it was a fight to leave. He was having fun with the other kids. We took a weekend trip to Vancouver. Me, Angela and Karter! I really wanted to take him to the zoo and aquarium. We stayed in White Rock and went to the beach a few times. He loved it!! It was a great trip. I am hoping to head back to the coast at the end of July. This month has gone by so fast. Can't believe July will be here in a week. Kurt turns 25 on the 3rd. So thats a little into our last couple months. The big things that have happend! I really need to write more. I was looking at past posts and enjoying them. Its nice seeing reading about our events in out life. So I am going to try to write in and least once a week. Well its 1am and bedtime. Goodnight!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Long time!

Well its been over a month. Haven't seemed to make time this month. A few things have happend. I got into a car accident a few weeks ago. Nothing to bad. I was turning onto the high way. The car in front of me was stopped...I stopped! They went to go so I went to go and when I looked to see if it was clear they had stopped again and I banged into the back of them. They had a little bump. My bumper was ripped off and the lights smashed out. They had our car in the repair shop for a week and a hlaf. I got a rental car. 2008 Toyota Yaris .. very different to drive than my 92 Honda Accord. Everything is fixed now and ok.

We had a good easter dinner with my family. Mom, Grams, Kurt, Karter, Riley and me. It was very nice! I love family dinners. I wish we had more other than holidays. Kurts parents came to town yesterday to stay the night and fly out to Ottawa today. They are going to visit Carilynn (Kurts sister) and her husband Luther. They are gone for 13 days. Hope they have fun. I hope we can go someday.

Kurt and I are still doing what we always do. He works and I am home with Karter. I am working closing up the stores for Lionel when hes out of town. Tomorrow and Saturday I am babysitting their kids. Morning till night..5 kids!! Going to be a long day.

Well I am going to start posting more again. Hope everyone is still taking the time to look at our blog.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


I got a job! Not a big job but still something that will pay at the end of every month. I am going to be doing the cashing out and banking for 2 stores owned by some friends of the family. I am super excited. Tonight was my first night on my own and it went well. I'm excited to see how this helps out our family. :D

Also, I opened a tax free intrest building bank account last week to start saving. Kurt and I have no savings and this is going to be the best way becuase we cant spend unless we go to the bank. So now we can put away a little something. I also opend a savings account for my 3 yr old son. So all his money he gets for gifts and that can be saved instead of buying toys and junk. He has so much of that already. So glad were starting to make some smart grown up choices.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mothers 911

Yesterday had to be one of the worst days ever for me as a mother. I went downtown to see my mum at her work. When Karter, Mika and I walked back to the car and I buckled him in I layed the keys down beside the carseat. I closed the door and some how the door locked with the alarm on. So there I stood downtown beside my car with my 3 yr old and dog locked inside. I tried to get him to unbuckle himself so he could unlock the door but he couldnt. At this time I was in tears. This old man tried to help me so I asked him to stand with the car while I ran back to mums work. She called BCAA for us and they told me they could have a town truck there in 15 mins. They were there in less than 5. In the middle of waiting 2 other guys tried to help me by using a coat hanger. It didnt work but the town truck got there by the time they got it into the car. It was a crappy experiance one I hope to never experiance again! I felt so stupid! A man walked past me and said Wow! I've never seen this happen for real only on t.v. That made me feel better!!! :P A leason well learnt!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


So my 3 and a half yr old son has decided after a year of being potty trained to start pooping in his pants. Hes been doing it on and off for a month now. We have tried time outs, taking toys away, putting diapers on him to make him see that its what babys do. He is still doing it. I read that it can be out of laziness, but he goes pee everytime just fine. It could be for attention. Hes always got that!! So I don't know what to do. Hes not pooping alot. Just small amounts at a time about 4-5 times a day. So yesterday I gave him a supository and about 45 mins later he had a huge poop. So far today he hasnt pooped at all. So I guess I will see if he starts doing the same thing again. If so I am going to take him to the doctor becuase maybe its a bowl problem. If anyone has any ideas or has been threw this I would love to hear some solutions..

Friday, February 19, 2010

Karter's Speech Therapy

Today was a very busy day for Karter. He saw his Speech therapist at 9 am. He hasnt seen her in 6 months. Hes imporved alot since than. He uses lots of words and full sentances now. She told me that his speech is fine now our problem now is that hes developed a stutter. We are not sure if its a normal stutter from a 3 yr old. Some kids have a problem getting all there sentance out right away so they repeat a word a few times till they know what they want to say. Example... Mommy why why why is the sky blue? If its a mental problem thats creating the stutter than it would usually be more like this. Mommy wh wh wh why is the sky blue? Karter has the first one but becuase this is happening on a daily bases, a couple times a day his therapist wants to make sure it doesnt progress into something worse. So we go back in March for some more intense testing. My other concern with Karter was his colors. He doesnt remember them. I have been working hard on them for a couple months now and they arnt clicking for him. I can tell him that the apple is red and than tell him a bannana is yellow and ask him what color the apple is and he says " I don't know Mommy, tell me?". I know this isnt a major concern and the therapist told me today that because colors are and inadamite object some kids dont get what we are saying. To them they are seeing the apple or bannana.. not the color. She said that if we can work on comparing the color to the same object so he always associates it with that. He will start to remember. So we are going to work on that. Along with this sutter. She told me to praise him when he works threw it and let him know that he had a smooth sentance. Never tell him what he needs to slow down, or stop talking or correct him. Let him work threw it on his own and praise when he gets it right. She says he will associate the good with the proper speaking. So we have alot to work on... I am hoping that in the next month we have even minimal improvment. We love our boy so much and we know he will work threw this. -x0x0-

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Leah's 100 Mile Goal Blog

Hi Everyone,

I started a new blog called Leahs 100 Mile Goal. Its attached to Beautiful Mum blog. Its basicly about me setting a goal to walk 100 miles in 3 months. I will be blogging the while thing. Everyday I walk will be bloging and hopfully in the end I will have lost some weight and be feeling happier and healthier. Wish me luck!! I am super excited for this. So have a look at my new blog...

To find it go to the bottom on this page and click on "Veiw my complete profile". Once inside go to the bottom of the page and located under "My Blogs" you will find Leah's 100 Mile Goal.